Storytime: Why I Hate Public Transport

Hey there! So today I have something personal for you. This happened a while ago.

Me and my friends were taking a bus, it was quite full so we were in between some people while having a great time chatting. I was standing on one side of our group, facing them and not caring about my surroundings very much.

Suddenly, I felt something moving right next to me.

So naturally, I turned around.

The first thing I saw, was this tall scary man staring at me.

He had black hair and huge eyes. Oh god those eyes… If they could fall out, they would… That’s something I’ll never forget about him. Those freaky eyes.

He was wearing a long black coat with a scarf to his knees.

At first, I thought he was doing something pervert… Because as soon as he noticed me, he pretended to fix zip on his pants.

Something wasn’t right and as soon as I looked at him I knew it. I felt super uncomfortable … I also noticed that my bag was opened and my purse was poking out.

I didn’t want my friends to panic. So I casually changed position and leaned against the bus window, with my bag between me and the glass.

My friends followed me and the chat continued. But HE also followed.

One of my friends shoved her phone in her unzipped bag. And he was standing right next to it. I was shaking.

I was so concentrated on her phone and his huge eyes gazing all over it, that when I saw his hand from under the scarf, trying to reach that phone I panicked and snapped my friends handbag sooner than I managed to say “I will take that.”

At the same exact moment I saw his eyes piercing me again. I gave him the deadliest stare I could while shaking. He left at the next stop, probably realizing I would call the police or something.  And I just returned the bag to my friend with a forced smile and something like “your welcome”. That’s when my friends realized.

But that’s not the worst thing that happened. (It actually is, but this totally blew my mind.)

Some woman came up to me and informed me (very kindly), that my bag is also opened

Which I already knew.

She had to see the whole thing because my bag was behind me now, so she couldn’t see it at this point…

Very nice lady, you’ve got points for standing there and looking at this whole happen and do absolutely nothing about it…

For some reason I believe that those eyes are like that because of what he does, you know, like when we were little and we were playing with our faces, our mom used to tell us ‘Stop it, or else your face stays like that forever…’ It might me stupid, but I believe he was searching for something to take so hard that his eyes are practically falling out…

Even though I don’t want this blog to be a negative place of any sorts, I believe that this is something that is ought to be shared with the rest of the world… I hope that stuff like this can be prevented, if people just helped each other and spoke up.

So that’s why I hate public transport. Sadly, it’s quite ‘normal’ to experience something like least in my country. Is it different in yours? Let me know.


Author: Maria

Hey there. I'm Maria my passions are Fashion, Traveling and Self Development.

One thought on “Storytime: Why I Hate Public Transport”

  1. Yes things like that happened all the time on public transit! I had my wallet stolen before on the bus. This jerk took it from my backpack and I didn’t realize it until I got home. Well I was in Grade 9 at that time. I’m much smarter now at least I think I’m LOL! Or there were perverts on the public transit all the time!! Either that or you catch all the germs from people around you! Ahhhh you can’t imagine how I hate public transit so much! But I’m glad both you and your friend are OK. Next time you should tell him off so the whole bus knows!

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