Storytime: How an angel left my side


So today I’ve prepared something heart breaking. So grab a tissue box and let’s get to it.

In summer (18.7.) I lost my best friend. His name was Nero and he was a golden retriever.


Me and my whole family had a special relationship with him. He was an irreplaceable member from the day one. Meaning he was my second brother and my parents took him as their son.

He had a beautiful personality, friendly, playful, cuddly and very loving. He was also very stubborn. There was no way to train him. He had his own head, but he was very clever and could communicate well.

Nero loved socks, so every time he would want to cuddle or play, he stole one of your socks and brought it to you as a payment. He also cared for his stuffed animals dearly (at least for some of them). The truth is he didn’t have to try hard to get your attention. He was very cute and everyone loved his company.


Even though, he was born as a last puppy and was smallest and whitest of all the pups, he was the best dog we could wish for.


At the beginning of summer, when we were running through the forest together, I wouldn’t even imagine that he would be gone so soon. But I knew it would come one day, he wasn’t young anymore. I also asked him to let me know when his time comes…

Nero stopped eating one day, we had hard time to feed him his favorite foods. I knew something was wrong, the moment when he lost interest in sleeping with me in my bed (we would cuddle every night – he refused to fall asleep unless I held his paw).



We finally decided to go to the vet on Saturday. They didn’t know what was wrong with him and the blood wasn’t taken during weekends, so they sent us home with cannula in his leg and infusion, so that he would feel better until Monday.

We spent the whole day taking care of him, comforting him and making sure he was feeling better. He was such a good boy. Even though he was absolutely terrified of the whole infusion thing, he came when called obediently waiting for us to connect him to his treatment. I was so proud. On Sunday morning, when I took a bath and couldn’t keep him company, Nero took out his cannula. You can see how stubborn he was. This was sign for me, I realized that he had enough.


In the end he didn’t hurt himself and I didn’t want him to suffer again, so we left it at that. However, in the night his condition worsened and we didn’t know what to do. He was in so much pain and I suffered just looking at his suffering. We took him to the vet again, and what he found out broke our hearts.

He had a tumor on the liver (therefore cancer), 10x5cm, which is huge to my belief and I can’t even imagine how much he suffered.

We decided that he should go to heaven because he has been fighting this battle for 2 weeks and we couldn’t help him. We knew it was time. And he knew that too, we took him outside for a few moments, just so he would pee and feel like a dog for a while, but he wasn’t interested. He was just standing there, staring at us while we cried, like he wanted to remember our faces.

It hurts until now and I know it will hurt forever. Because loosing someone so close to you is never easy. He fell asleep in my hands calm, and ready.  I do really miss him and love him. That will never change.


Dogs are much stronger than they look. If you can imagine how much our dogs love us. How big their hearts are. That’s how much they fight, how much they want to be with us.

So to every dog owner out there, cherish and love your dog to the bits, because I promise you, they can feel it, and they will fight accordingly.

Have you ever lost your pet? How did you overcome the pain?



Author: Maria

Hey there. I'm Maria my passions are Fashion, Traveling and Self Development.

6 thoughts on “Storytime: How an angel left my side”

  1. This is soooo sad! My sister has a golden retriever too and I can imagine how hard it is when the day comes. I’m so sorry about Nero. I’m sure he’s relieved and in doggy heaven now 🙂

    Off topic, I think I have the exact same pink faux leather jacket as you lol

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  2. I have 2 cats and the first one was a beautiful brownish/white color and me and that cat became good friends since 2003 it wasnt until i think mid to late 2013 that i find out that the cat has an inflamed liver and that he might not make it he began to loose weight and he lost a lot of fur my mother then decides just to let him rest now the second one was in some way a playmate for the first one and those two became womderful friends and got along quite nicely and now the same thing is happening to the second one who at the time this is made is still alive and hes still fighting to live and the doctors believe he has a form of.cancer and that we should let him enjoy his last few moments of living (this cat has been fighting since December of 2016 and he really have to go this time) i cried so much for the both of them that i think i ran out of tears.

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