Why should you get gel nails, and why not?

Are you thinking about getting your nails done, but you really don’t know yet?

You are in the right place then!

I had my nails first done, when I was 15 (6 years). I trust only one person to make them, and they are gel.

My ideal shape is round and I tend to choose more girly and pastel variations.

My Alice in wonderland inspired ones:




  • They are beautiful. They look perfect and you can design them yourself. It’s a great way to express your style.
  • Radically less breaking. If your nails break all the time, this will stop. Your nails won’t break unless grown out too long.
  • People (oh and pets) LOVE when you scratch them. 
  • Your nails last (around) a month without any maintenanceWhich is great if you are lazy as me.
  • Your cuticles will thank you. If you have dry, painful cuticles and nothing help, then this will.



  • It hurts sometimes. Curing can be torture, especially around the time of your period.
  • Your own nails are weak afterwards. Your nails will grow back stronger, but until then, they will break like crazy.
  • They take a long time to make. File, shape, cure, file, color, cure, file, enjoy! Perfection takes time. A few hours of time, to be honest.

Have you ever had gel nails? Do you like them? Let me know about your experiences, I’m curious!