Is this a joke??

Oh my… so I don’t have any responsibilities right now and still, I don’t have enough time for this place.

I can finally see!

I have my contact lenses, finally. I know it’s weird to have my first pair at the age of 20. But what can I do? My doctor refused to prescribe them to me. (I have astigmatism.) I had to change doctors, because she was in an accident and wasn’t able to work anymore. New one happily prescribed them to me. So here I am, finally able to see without glasses. I’m so happy.

img_3103.jpgLook at my lens case, I love it so much.

Do you wear lenses?  What do you find more comfortable, glasses or lenses? Why?

I like lenses better. For several reasons, I hate wearing 2 pairs of glasses on 3D movies, and I don’t even feel lenses in my eyes.

Practice makes perfect!

So I started to practice some bits and pieces of graphics. Right now it’s very far from being fine (even though my boyfriend claims otherwise), but at least I’m learning the interface and it’s fun.



What a joke!

Ok, now on a serious note. I needed a quick fix yesterday, so I grabbed first tea I could find in my cupboard, and guess what I’ve got?! The shortest  tea bag string thing ever….


Is this some type of joke tea makers are pulling on me?

Anyways, I had a good laugh. And now I know now, why I love loose leaf tea much more.



University drop out or University applicant?

I have decided to write more about my personal life as it is. Why not?

At least you’ll know me better, right?

So there are few things I have on mind recently.

1. Am I obsessed THAT MUCH?!

Okey, so I love tea, especially matcha. I used to drink matcha late a lot during winter. But, two to three visits to Starbucks a week is still manageable.

But Matcha frappe came out recently. The same Matcha frappe I drank in Japan. And yesterday I realized I had one every day since it came out. So I’m much more obsessed than it seemed.


And they now remember my name in Starbucks.

Cashier: “And what’s your name? Maria?”
2. University drop out or University applicant??

Just recently I came to a decision I don’t see myself as a Japanese studies graduate. Am I seriously able to sit behind a table all day, translating? Not really. I’m different, I’m creative. I can study languages in my free time anyways. So I dropped out of university.

I was always interested in design. It would make 10x higher income. I could actually CREATE stuff. I could be my own boss. Why shouldn’t I try. So, here I am, I applied. However, there is one problem, MATH. I hate math, my mind works differently than math. I don’t get it. I don’t want to get it.

So I came hope and shared this gracious idea with my lovely family. What were the reactions, you ask?

Mom: “Japan is the only thing, you were ever able to do! Are you serious? What now? You are good for nothing now.”

This made me mad.

I am good enough, and I will achieve anything! Just wait, I’ll prove you wrong!

So, everyone else thinks it’s a good idea. Even my Japanese language teacher, who teaches me since I was 15.

3. I changed my style! (or enhanced it if you will)

Hope it lasts.

Yeah, it took me a while to find my style. I would fancy street fashion. Clothes which looked different from the “casual” ones. So in the last few years I was wearing all black boring outfits good for nothing. Hoping to wake up one day, and find the perfect style.

Not anymore, ladies and gentlemen, not anymore.

I found it, well, not really I just opened my eyes. But change is still change.

4. Old friendships, good friendships!

I cut all cords from my past, hoping to see someone care.

It’s kind of a long story, you know how when you become happy people start having problems with that? Well, that happened.

And I decided to care about me for once. Therefor, I cut all people who destroyed my inner peace.

BUT, this one friend, whom I know, since we were little kids, came forward. And that made me so happy. She is actually a person with whom I spent almost all of my student life since kindergarten. And oh I miss those times. So we went for a coffee, and tomorrow we meet for breakfast. I’m so happy about this.

She is actually this beautiful girl, who is great in everything she does. She has style, is great at athletics, studies super hard school and is very nice. And I don’t get it. How is it even possible.


So that would be all for today. I will get better at this, I hope.

Getting myself out there is really hard.

Is there anything amazing that happened to you recently? Let me know.



10 things you probably don’t know about me.

 10. I hate, hate, hate spiders and earwigs. 

Whenever I see one I have a serious panic attack. It all started when I was a little girl and I spent several summers at my grandma’s house. They had gooseberries planted (I love gooseberries), big family of earwigs lived on the plants and I would have to face them every time I wanted to eat some.

9. I am proper Virgo

For a long time I believed I was Leo (I’m born 23rd of August, which in my country still counts as Leo). However, my personality is totally Virgo like. And I embrace it.

8. I am a quiet person, but once I get to know you I can be pretty
open and crazy.

I’m quite shy, when I don’t know you.  But when I feel comfortable, there is no stopping me, I’m talking without a break. I do stupid childish stuff, just to make you laugh. Even though often times, I feel like I annoy everyone around me.

7. I overcame depression, without help. (Yes, it’s possible)

Yes, I had suicidal thoughts (God, even attempts), extremely low self esteem and suffered from very deep depression. I did somehow manage to overcome that. And I’m proud. I’m positive, smiling and happy now.

6. I love to stay home instead of going out.

I am total home buddy. Every time I make plans to spend time socially, I regret it afterwards. I love to stay home with a nice cup of tea and a good movie.

5. I have very vivid and crazy dreams.

My dreams could be shot into full-length movies. Some are creepy, horror like, and others funny and beautiful. I can fly in most of them. I once dreamt I died, like my heart stopped beating and I didn’t breathe anymore. It was an interesting experience even though I woke up surprised to be still alive.

4. I love the sea, ocean and tea.

Those are my obsessions. Sadly, where I live, there is no sea. So I enjoy every moment I can while on vacation.

3. I totally changed in the last few years. 

This may come as a surprise to some of you. But I am not who I was 3 years ago. But who is right? Well, I walked out of friendships that were destroying me. I started to do what I find good for me, not what others think.

2. My name has been changed during my life from Jana (Jane) to Maria.

Yes, this happened, but not by me. I was just 1 year old. It’s a long story, I might talk about it more later.

1. I have terrible eyesight.

I have to wear glasses and I hate it. But what can we do, I bought the most beautiful ones I could find, hoping it would help. Guess what, it did! So now I feel okay with wearing glasses, because without them… well, let’s say you wouldn’t be reading this.